We’re Concordia University’s community for entrepreneurial-minded Engineering and Computer Science students.

Events. Speakers. Workshops. Networking opportunities. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, check out our competition!


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About US

We are the Gina Cody School Entrepreneurship Society (GCES), an engineering student association led by 17 dedicated and passionate like-minded individuals. We started online last year and were able to host multiple successful events throughout the academic year. 

Now, we wish to raise the bar and host in-person networking events, workshops, speaker series, and an inter-university competition at Concordia University.

Our Mission

GCES operates with one goal in mind: igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of Engineering
students at Concordia University. 

We do so by following these three principles:


GCES aims to educate potential entrepreneurs by offering presentations and workshops interested in initiating businesses.


GCES aims to nurture student-innovators by providing opportunities to learn and experience entrepreneurship.


GCES aims to connect student-innovators through a centralized hub of accrued information and a network of like-minded individuals

Our events


Resourceful workshops around various entrepreneurship themes


Interactive events that give students hands-on experience


Innovative panels which will transform the way students see entrepreneurship

Networking & Social Events

Networking opportunities to meet with our sponsors and talented students

GCES is proud to present UpStart, an innovative entrepreneurship competition where students come together to learn new skills and entrepreneurial strategies.



Check back frequently for new events and workshops.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors give us the resources to provide an excellent experience to all Engineering Majors.