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We’re the team behind GCES, the Gina Cody Entrepreneurship Society. We founded this society with one goal in mind: to foster a community of student entrepreneurs at Concordia University.

Like all good inventions, GCES was born out of a necessity. Despite having over 50 student groups, Concordia did not have a startup society. It was then that we decided to create one. As engineering students, we saw the immense potential in our degrees, but lacked the community to enhance our own ingenuity. Forming GCES seemed like the best way to bring together Concordia’s entrepreneurial engineering and computer science students.

This year, we will be laying the foundations of our association. Three pillars will provide its structure: learning, sharing, and applying. We will host workshops and lectures on the basics of starting a company, invite founders to share their experiences, assemble student entrepreneurs for meet-and-greets, and organize hands-on events. These three pillars will enable us to build a community of leaders, inquisitive learners, and problem-solvers.


The GCES Team